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In the course of our studies between and we assessed the impacts of conventional soil tillage. No significant differences were found between the dust fractions at the six sites. In the course of the analysis of its agronomical structure, the soil structure was not found to have been damaged by conventional tillage.

Soil penetration levels showing harmful compaction over 3 MPa were only found in the first year of the experiment. Földesi — Cs. For ecological and economic considerations in the longer run however, it is indispensable that soil topic tmin diabet environment preserving tillage techniques be chosen even where the soil is in a favourable condition. Keywords: soil condition, conventional tillage, agronomical structure, soil penetration resistance, soil moisture content.

Pepó held that conserving and improving, as far as possible, the physical, chemical and biological attributes of the soil are among the most essential tasks of sustainable cropping.

teljes anyag - Nyugat-Magyarországi Egyetem Mezőgazdaság

Bartholy et al. Precipitation is another key climate variable besides temperature, the variations of which also have a profound impact on the main topic tmin diabet of the economy, including, in particular, agriculture. The future changes in climate factors will be topic tmin diabet farmers to carefully choose soil tillage systems that are best suited to their site conditions. The impacts of such tillage systems on the soil and on the environment have been and are still being studied by sarokfájás cukorbetegség Hungarian scientists e.

GyuriczaBirkásPerczeLászlóBencsik and foreign authors e. Hill and CruseKladivko et al. According to Birkás conventional farming is a target of most criticism owing to its impacts on the environment erosion, deflation, compacting, loss of organic matter, soil, air and water pollution and its costs.

Typically monocultural land use, tillage comprising of multiple tillage passes and frequent soil disturbance ospen diabétesz kezelésére to increased soil degradation and soil structure deterioration Gyuricza Conventional tillage involves the working of the entire soil surface. Soil conditions that are considered to be topic tmin diabet for plant growth are produced by more than the reasonable number of tillage passes — these practices take A summary evaluation on the physical condition of soil in field experiments 5 too much time, energy and money BirkásBirkás As a consequence of the tillage operations entailing frequent soil disturbance, soil tillage comprising multiple tillage passes primary tillage with ploughing in the autumn causes soil structure deterioration and compaction structure degradation and a loss of organic matter Huzsvai et al.

Adopting soil protecting and conserving tillage produces both environmental and economic benefits. In parallel with the reduction of damage the quality of the environment also improves on the whole Birkás In addition to creating and preserving favourable physical and biological conditions the application of soil conserving tillage solutions usually has a positive impact on economic factors number of tillage passes, time and fuel requirement Gyuricza In the course of their experiments set up in Poland in and Czyz and Dexter studied the impacts of conventional and reduced tillage systems on the physical conditions of soils of two different types.

According to Husnjak et al.

topic tmin diabet

They studied the physical attributes of a loam soil applying five different soil tillage systems conventional, reduced, soil protecting I and II as well as direct seeding. In topic topic tmin diabet diabet course of their experiments between and they found the best physical attributes i. In examining different tillage systems László found that only the top 10 cm layer of the soil was more compact in the case of direct seeding in terms of soil penetration resistance than it was after other tillage treatments.

At the bottom of the tillage depths the soil resistance values measured after conventional tillage were significantly lower than after ridge tillage. Tillage caused no differences in penetration resistance below a depth of 20 cm. He explained the small soil resistance underneath the top layer after direct seeding by the favourable circumstances that developed in undisturbed soil.

In the case of ridge tillage the development of a tillage pan layer was also indicated by the soil resistance value. In the case of conventional tillage he found that according to the soil 6 penetration resistance profile, soil resistance was evenly favourable across the entire soil profile.

Gyuricza et al. They found that under the given experimental circumstances the degree of soil penetration resistance had been influenced primarily by the tillage depth and the applied tillage tools.

topic tmin diabet

They found disking to have the most damaging impacts on the soil structure. This paper contains a summary of the results and findings of the soil condition studies carried out between and Geographical location The experiments were established in in the mid-Hungarian region Nagykátamicroregion at six farms between Pánd N. The area is located in a valley surrounded by hills, but the experiments were laid out on a flat area. Figure 1. Changes in mean topic tmin diabet temperatures o C in the experimental area in — A summary evaluation on the physical condition of soil in field experiments 7 The monthly mean temperature data Figure 1.

The annual mean temperature averaged over three years was The lowest mean annual temperature values 9. Precipitation data were obtained from a recording station topic tmin diabet Nagykáta.

Averaged over three years the highest monthly precipitation was recorded in June The highest annual precipitation Figure 2.

topic tmin diabet

Monthly precipitation mm in the experimental area in — Soil parameters Since no soil tests topic tmin diabet previously been performed on the pilot farm, samples from the six experimental sites were examined for upper limit of plasticity KApH KCL value, calcium carbonate, humus, phosphorus and potassium contents under laboratory conditions topic tmin diabet standard procedures between and Based on the values obtained for KA 37—39 over the three-year period soil texture was estimated to be loam.

The humus content in the top soil was poor 1. The agronomical topic tmin diabet, penetration resistance and soil moisture content were examined during the field experiments under conventional tillage conditions. Conventional tillage is characterized by high traffic throughput, involving time- and energy-consuming operations. Gyuricza: The tillage depth is more frequently adjusted to the needs of the plants and the tools at hand than to the moisture or compactness of the soil. Crop residues are not utilized outside the growing period topic tmin diabet protect and cover the soil surface, thus minimizing moisture loss Birkás A friable seedbed free of crop residues is seen as desirable for conventional tillage.

In the field experiments the same tillage systems were used for post-harvest operations in all three years: disking the upper layer was followed by autumn ploughing 30 cm.

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In spring, before sowing, the soil was loosened with a cultivator. Maize Zea mays L. The crop sequences in the experimental treatments were as follows: Experiment A: maizesunflower-maize, Experiment B: maize-sunflower-maize, Experiment C: maize-maizesunflower, Experiment D: maize-maize-maize, Experiment E: maize-maize-sunflower, Experiment F: maize-maize-maize. Agronomical structure In the field experiments the agronomical structure of soil was assessed by dry sieving.

On the six farms the clod fraction was determined twice inthree times in and with three parallel determinations each year.

The soil samples, collected from the experimental area, were dried to constant weight, and fractioned by 7 sieves of different pore sizes 20, 10, 5, 3, 1, 0.

The weights of the certain fractions were determined and expressed as a mass percentage of the sample. Thus we obtained the percentage clod, crumb and dust composition of soil. When evaluating the agronomical structure of soil, the shape of the structural elements is not considered.

topic tmin diabet

Only by their sizes are they classified and the proportions of the aggregates, falling to certain size-ranges, are determined Stefanovits Thus topic tmin diabet retained fraction on sieves with not less than 10 mm pore size fall to clod fraction 10 mm.

Penetration resistance PRsoil moisture PR measurement one of the most commonly used measurements for compaction was used for the examination of the compacted layers.

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The changes in the physical topic tmin diabet of soil in space and time are well demonstrated if the soil moisture content is also considered for the soil penetration resistance. A mechanical, spring-penetrometer was applied to the field experiments in the vegetation period.

The measurements were carried out on three replicates, at topic tmin diabet cm intervals to a depth of 50 cm Daróczi and Lelkes The determination of the soil moisture content was carried out simultaneously with the PR.

The moisture content of the soil samples was determined by an oven method, drying at o C, until a constant weight was achieved. Similarly to the practice applied for PR determination, topic tmin diabet for soil moisture determination were taken at 10 cm intervals to 50 cm depth in three replicates. The agronomical structure, PR and moisture content measurements were evaluated by a Microsoft Office Excel-program.

Single factor analysis of variance was applied for the statistical evaluation SvábBaráth et al. A summary evaluation on the physical condition of soil in field experiments 9 The relative proportions of the various soil aggregate fractions in soils under different tillage treatments were already discussed in earlier papers Földesi and Gyuricza a and studies of soil penetration and soil moisture between treatments have also been covered in detail Földesi and Gyuricza b.

Moreover, our statistical analyses were supplemented with studies of the impacts of specific cukorbetegség 2 típusú tünetek és a kezelés fogyatékosság, i. This paper contains a summary and evaluation of the findings of various soil condition studies along with comparisons to data found in literature. What was studied during the three years of our experiment was how the relative proportions of the clod, the crumb and the dust fractions were changing as a consequence of conventional soil tillage under field conditions.

No significant differences were found between the treatments in terms of the dust fraction. In and however, no significant differences were found between the six experiments in terms of any of the soil aggregate fractions. In assessing the agronomical structure of the soil no damage was found in the soil structure after conventional tillage.

topic tmin diabet

Birkás and Gyuricza found that in soils that frequently disturbed by ploughing and disking there were smaller crumb fractions and higher proportions of dust and clods. Monotonous land use may, over time, lead to the strengthening of degradation processes which cause deterioration in the soil structure. In view of the impacts of the treatments she found significant differences in terms of the clod and the crumb fractions, i.

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To improve the accuracy of our conclusions we supplemented our experiment by studying the effects of the various years as well. A single factor variance analysis process was carried out to statistically confirm the differences between the years of our experiments, in the course of which the averages of the percentages of the various soil aggregate fractions measured in the given years were taken into account.

No significant differences were found between the years concerned in any one of the fractions. The proportion of the clod fraction was highest in but even then we found no heavy clod forming. During the years of our experiments and in view of all of the treatments on the whole, the highest ratio of the crumb topic tmin diabet, which is the most favourable component for cropping as an average of the values measured in the case of the different treatments was found in Figure 3.

Changes in the agronomical structure in the experimental area in — Soil penetration resistance assessments In the course of the growing season — simultaneously with the assessments of the agronomical structure topic tmin diabet we measured soil penetration resistance PR twice in and three times in and each Figure 4. Figure thaiföld a diabétesz. In the second year significant differences were found underneath the tillage depth, i.

PR values over 3 MPa indicating harmful compaction were only found in the first year of the experiment and only in treatment A 40—50 cmtreatment B 30—40 and 40—50 cm and treatment E 40—50 cm layer. The averages of the soil PR values measured in and did not reach the limit of harmful compaction in any one of the experiments.

This was a definitely positive result from the aspect of cropping because during the rainy year of and thereafter the movement of rainwater into the soil and the utilisation of the water in the soil was not impeded by compact layers at any depth in the soil.

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The assessments of PR during the years of the experiments between the treatments were supplemented by comparing the averages of the data measured in the different years across the years concerned. In studying three soil tillage techniques ploughing in the autumn, ploughing in the spring and shallow disking in the spring Rátonyi found that PR increased in the tilled layer together with the increasing depth in each treatment and the maximum values were measured in the compact layers so-called plough pan and disk pan formed as a consequence of tillage to the same depth year after year.

In the cukorbetegség karkötő of our PR assessments no plough pan or disk pan layer could be found at the depth of tillage by the third year of our experiments.

Apart from the 20—30 cm layer in the various soil layers the lowest soil moisture content was always found in treatment B from among the six treatments applied in the experiment.

The increase in PR must have been caused by the low soil moisture contents measured in the 30—40 cm and the 40—50 cm topic tmin diabet.